Update: Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic,  CIDM has postponed the Journeys and DITA North America conferences. Please plan to join us in Phoenix, AZ or online September 21-23, 2020.

As the pandemic response develops, we can’t be sure that all confirmed speakers will be able to join us and so we want to allow new submissions. This page is available by request only and we appreciate your patience while we navigate social distance, masks, and safety guidelines.

CIDM is pleased to announce the call for speakers for the 2020 Journeys and DITA North America conferences. These two conferences will be co-located in Phoenix, Arizona, sharing a keynote presentation and exhibit hall, while offering separate breakout sessions. Breakouts may take any of the following formats:

  • 40-minute presentation
  • 90-minute panel or interactive session
  • 20-minute “lightbulb” talk about a best practice, creative idea, or a-ha moment
  • Technology Test Kitchen (Presentations by exhibiting companies only)

The new Journeys conference invites content developers from all areas of a business to collaborate on ways to meet their customer’s information needs throughout the entire customer journey, from research and purchase decision through initial installation and training, successful use of the product, support and troubleshooting, and ultimately lifelong loyalty and advocacy. Successful proposals will address the challenges and benefits of working across traditional corporate silos and focusing on the evolving needs of the customer. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Cross-silo collaboration
  • User personas, empathy maps, and journey maps
  • Unified content strategy
  • Content reuse across silos
  • Enterprise-wide taxonomy, SEO, and metadata strategies
  • Social media strategies
  • User experience design
  • Microcontent
  • Use of technology, including chat bots, virtual reality, video, artificial intelligence
  • Writing and editing best practices

To submit a presentation proposal for the DITA North America conference, Click Here!

Some topics may be appropriate for either event. CIDM reserves the right to accept your proposal into either conference as we deem it fits best. Solo presenters will receive a complementary registration to the conference into which they have been placed with the option of adding access to the other conference’s sessions for an additional $400. Co-presenters and panelists will be charged one-half of the full price registration fee for the conference at which they speak and can also purchase access to the other conference for $400.

Please submit your proposal by completing the form below before July 1, 2020.

By submitting a presentation proposal, you agree to the following:

I understand that if my presentation is accepted for the conference that

  • I will be able to attend the Journeys Conference (One complimentary registration per presentation only. Panels not included).
  • I am responsible for my own travel expenses.
  • I will make this presentation at the conference or find a suitable replacement if I am unable to attend.
  • If I am co-presenting with a customer, I will ensure that the customer is able to attend.
  • The registration fee for Co-Presenters and all panelists is 50% of full price registration.
  • All commercial vendors wishing to present a commercial-free presentation at the conference will be required to exhibit if accepted.
  • I agree not to repeat the same presentation that I am giving at Journeys at any meeting, conference, convention, seminar or other group gathering for the period of 150 days before the Event and 150 days following the Event.